What is Digital Marketing ?



 "Digital Marketing" the most trending word used these days , But what exactly it is ?  Well my this article is all about the same topic , an Short but a detailed intro about "Digital Marketing".

     Well Digital Marketing is Marketing your Brand, Products & Services on various Digital Platforms like on search engines (eg. google), Social media (eg. facebook, twitter etc.) and various other mediums available in trends.

"Difference Between Traditional and Digital Marketing "

  • In the Current Scenario Digital Marketing has a Great Positive impact on various types of Businesses and It's helping them a lot to grow worldwide and multiply their profits day by day.

  • Unlike Traditional Marketing , In Digital Marketing we can target Mass Audience world wide in short span of time with recorded analytics in a conservative budget.

  •   We can track our Customers behaviour , their likes and dislikes in our product  and ask for their feedback and improve our product accordingly       

  •     We can directly Communicate with our customers which builds a good Reputation about our brand , that we do care for them and are always available to solve their queries .

Understanding the Concept of Digital Marketing 

  • Availability of Android & IOS devices.

          World's most of the population have android or ios devices in use , which makes easy for them to come across various Digital Platforms 

  • Affordable Internet services ( Special Thanks to Reliance Jio) 

          With availability of android & ios devices and pocket friendly Internet it provides a healthy atmosphere for a digital life to evolve and grow.

People are more attracted to social media platforms like Facebook , Instagram , Twitter , Whatsapp , Musical.ly and so on ... for entertainment as well as for socializing purposes.

And for getting any info they move towards search engines (preferably Google).

Keeping all these things in mind Digital Marketing Strategy is Planned.

Various Modules of Digital Marketing 

Modes and Platforms of Digital Marketing may vary according to time and trends But there are some modules which may not change and have a proven impact on consumers like,
  • SEO ( Search engine optimization)
  • SEM (Search engine marketing)
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing)
  • SMO (Social Media Optimization)
  • SMS Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Whatsapp Marketing

For Planning a effective Digital Marketing Strategy one needs to

  •  Get an overall analysis of Your Target Audience (country, region, gender, age, etc)
  •  Platform they are using the most. ( preferably for social media strategy)
  •  Right time of targeting them.

So the central Idea of Digital Marketing is to Target Right Audience with Right products & Services
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